Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make more than one Pet-Paw from the same impression?

Yes! I can make as many Pet-Paws as you like from the same single impression. They will all be nearly identical except for the minute differences caused by the casting process itself and by the artist's hand.

2. Can I get my impression back?

Yes! Just purchase the "additional shipping" with your order and I will send your impression container(s) back with your finished Pet-Paws.

3. What kind/color of Play-doh is best to use for the impression?

Home made Play-doh is the best because it is softer and has more plasticity than store bought Play-doh. It records minute details very well. Store-bought Play-doh works good also, but it doesn't seem as soft. Microwave the store bought Play-doh for about 30 seconds to make it softer and more pliable. Any color of store bought Play-doh will work.

4. Can you make a Pet-Paw from a clay or ceramic impression that I have?

Yes, I can make a Pet-Paw from a clay or ceramic impression. I have to spray them with shellac and pour melted wax into them. Most of the time, they make it through this precess unscathed. However, there is always a risk that the clay or ceramic material will stick to the wax and flake off a little. There is also a chance they may get broken during shipping, so please package them well with a lot of padding so that they don't shift during shipment.

5. What kind of metal should I use for my Pet-Paw?

The most popular, and my favorite, is bronze. However, it is really just a matter of color choise. All 4 metal types, bronze, brass, copper, and aluminum hold up very well over time. The only difference is color, and aluminum is about 1/3 lighter than the other three metals.

6. How long can the inscription be and can you write it on the side of the Pet-Paw?

I hand-write all the inscriptions. The inscription is usually written in the wax and cast right into the Pet-Paw. I also incribe the inscription into the metal with a dremel tool. The inscription can be as long as you like, but it must be able to fit on the bottom of the Pet-Paw. This can be a challenge with a small cat paw. If there are multiple words for a cat paw, I just write them on the bottom of the paw in a circle around the edge and then spiral inward. For a large dog paw, just look at the palm of your hand and determine what you could hand write in that space. I can aslo write an incription on the side of the Pet-Paw. For Pet-Paw sets, I can write one inscription on the top paw (the relief) and a different inscription on the bottom paw (the imprint). Most people just want the pet's name. Others want the life dates as well. Some people like to write a message such as, "you will always be in our hearts."

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